If there’s anything Korean dramas have taught us about skincare, it’s the importance of keeping your skin supple and hydrated all day long (because you still want to look great even while you’re crying your heart out!). In Korea, a good skincare routine is all about the 24/7 hydration, and this is why moisturisers are so important. Other than keeping dry skin at bay, what are some other benefits of moisturizing your skin?


Prevents wrinkles

One way to prevent wrinkles and other signs of accelerated ageing is to add moisturizers to your skincare routine. Many studies have proven that moisturizing daily can delay wrinkles and help your skin retain that youthful glow.

One of our best selling moisturizer at L'Amour Beauty CA is the Olivarrier Cream All Barrier Relief that contains only 12 ingredients.

Helps treat acne

Contrary to popular belief, moisturizers can actually treat acne because they maintain the skin’s protective barrier against irritants and bacteria. Try a soothing moisturizer such as Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream, which can treat redness and inflammation caused by acne while helping heal breakouts faster.

Treats dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin can be caused by the weather, an unhealthy diet, or even acne treatments. And believe it or not, oily skin can get dehydrated too! The best moisturiser to treat dehydrated skin is one that is light and leaves no greasy residue, such as the popular Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream


Makes your makeup look flawless

You know what’s a horror story? Foundation that clings to your dry patches and seep into fine lines. To avoid this, make sure your skin is well-moisturized before applying any makeup!


For best results, moisturisers are normally used at the end of the skincare routine to “seal in” all the other products you have put on your skin. The general rule is: a rich, creamy moisturiser is great for dry skin, while oilier skin should opt for a more lightweight, water-based moisturizer. It might take a few trial and errors, but after you’ve found the right one, you’ll see how moisturizer will be your best friend for healthier, glowing skin!

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